Your Experts in Common Rail Technology

LAFEI: Re-Inventing Common Rail

LAFEI specializes in the design and manufacture of tailor-made State-of-the-art solutions for complex common rail systems. Our injectors and high pressure pumps combine highest functionality and reliability with high efficiency levels – at an excellent profitability. Providing optimal ecologically solutions which comply with the increasingly stringent emission regulations require smart-developed and flexible injection systems: The core competence of LAFEI.

Our systems are optimized for rational production processes. A central bore in the injector guarantees a consistent flush of fuel around the needle, increasing the level of efficiency. The integrated Mini Rail ensures a stabler injection. Our high pressure pumps are fuel lubricated and volume-controlled - and extremely robust. Designed for high speeds, it lowers space requirements and significantly reduces the workload of the engine drive train. All our systems can be manufactured under license.


Lafei has more than 10 years experience in common rail diesel fuel injection systems for diesel, dual fuel and gas engines for main and micro pilot injection. It covers an engine power range of 10 kW up to 10 MW. We also provide solutions for motor sports engines. For motor sports, we can provide gasoline high pressure systems up to 1000 bars too.

Practice areas:

  • Development
  • Construction (suitable for production, own machinery)
  • Production for prototypes and small series
  • Retrofit for existing engines
  • Licensing also possible
  • Production support at customer‘s site

Lafei's main work is about common rail high pressure pumps and injectors. We are glad to take over the complete system layout for the whole common rail system. In conjunction with partner companies, we can supply high pressure lines, rails and ECUs (control units) too.

We can also build and deliver test benches for injection components according to the customer's needs.


Lafei GmbH, CH-8524 Buch, Switzerland,, info(at)